Why you should invest in a Wedding Album; And how your guests can help!!

June 04, 2017


Photo albums to keep your treasured memories safe

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography and Sunshine Coast Family Photography is our specialty. We also specialise in creating beautiful works of art for our lovely couples and families to treasure for years to come. Amongst our stunning canvas collections, framed art and other scrumptious products (yes they look good enough to eat!) are our much loved Fine Art Wedding Albums.

If you have considered investing in a wedding album but you are still undecided, this article gives you great advice for when the time comes to make that decision. We will explain why you should invest in a wedding album, the benefits and how your guests can help with your investment!


Once your special day is over and the guests are gone, the wedding decorations have been taken down, the cake is eaten and your dress possibly a little worse for wear, all that is left of the day that you spent so many months planning for are your memories and how you have preserved them. We spend thousands of dollars on weddings – from the dress to the food, the event hire, suits, food, drinks, decorations, photography….. The list goes on! Because of the lengths you go to for your wedding day celebration, it only makes sense to preserve and cherish the photographs in the best possible way so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Memories fade over time, and as much as we don’t like to admit it, it’s a fact of life. When you turn the pages of your wedding album, it will tell the story of your day perfectly. It will bring back the emotions and feelings of your wedding day, as you turn the pages and see the story unfolding right before your eyes.  The look on your husbands face as he watched you walk down the isle, the flower girl glowing with admiration (and imagining her wedding day no doubt) and your first kiss as husband and wife. A Fine Art Wedding Album is the perfect way to be able to re-live your day and even to bring back some of the magical moments you may have even missed during the festivities!

Photo displays by Charlotte Gaspar Photography

Photo albums by Charlotte Gaspar Photography


A USB is great as it holds your treasured memories for a time. It is important to know that most digital media has a shelf life. For example, DVD’s usually corrupt at the 7 year mark, if they don’t become redundant by then! How many computers and laptops actually have a DVD drive any more? If we consider the fast pace at which technology is advancing, who is to say that there will even be a USB port on any device in the near future?

And as stated,  a USB often ends up in a drawer, forgotten and hidden from the world. Once you do stumble across it and take it out, you then have to have access to your computer and be able to have a good one to load up all of those High Resolution Files – Of which you should then keep stored in three different places for safe keeping might I add (as any professional photographer will do) which takes a lot of memory space so you’ll need a good computer and an expensive hard drive – if you are going to use your computer as the storage device….. Ummmm, this is getting hard! Printing makes your third form of preservation, and its often neglected. It should be NUMBER ONE on your list!

So now more than ever it is so important to print your cherished memories. And what better way to do so than in a custom made, fine art wedding album! And it’s far less likely to ever be lost!

A collection of wedding photos by Charlotte Gaspar

Bride & groomThe bride & groomYOUR WEDDING ALBUM IS LIKE A STORYBOOK

When browsing through the pages of a wedding album, your friends and family can enjoy the story of your wedding day perfectly. Framed photos and wall art can complete your day as well but may only provide a glimpse into one specific moment. However, an album can be arranged to provide a complete view of your special day from beginning to end.  Because your wedding day likely had a storybook feeling, your photographer can capture this effect by arranging your photos in an album that carries your viewer through each special moment flawlessly!


Your album should be a very high quality, and if you have hired a professional photographer they will have access to top quality suppliers that only provide albums to professional photographers. These suppliers will have labs that are colour correct and collaborated to that of your photographers chosen editing programs, therefore giving you the best result. Because of this, you can be sure that they will stand the test of time and therefore be able to be passed onto your children and grandchildren. They will be able to see how you celebrated your love for each other and even be able to get a glimpse into your lives and who you are as a couple and individuals!

It will be a treasured possession for them as much as it was for you. A link to history and a way to tie the generations together.


When looking back, I have never met a couple that were disappointed about investing in their wedding album, they always report happiness that they found a beautiful way to capture their memories. However, I have had many couples come to me and express the sadness that their photographer did not offer them one or that they did not place importance on it at the time. With your album, you can quickly show off your wedding photos and revisit your special day. Many of my couples say that their wedding albums are a great way to revisit memories on their anniversaries. It is also a constant reminder of why you both decided to marry and proof of your love and commitment to each other.

If you are in the early stages of planning your wedding and searching for ways to preserve it, a fine art wedding album is certainly the way to go. It is always good to know why this method of preserving your images is the best option. It is also good to know that if your photographer hasn’t offered this to you, then you should certainly ask, or find a photographer who offers high end albums that will stand the test of time.

Photo albums by Charlotte Gaspar Photography

Photo album gift packs by Charlotte Gaspar Photography

Photo album close up

Photo albums by Charlotte Gaspar Photography



High quality prints and albums aren’t cheap and nor should they be, they need to stand the test of time. Album Registry is a simple and beautiful way for your family and friends to contribute to the memory of your special day by contributing an amount towards it. This not only shares the moment but shares the cost of creating your memories.

We are proud to be able linked with Album Registry and offer all of our clients the opportunity to be able to use this service to give them the wedding album of their dreams by allowing guests to help fund it as a gift.

Because many couples have been together for quite some time and have most of what they already need to begin the next chapter of life, why not allow your guests to contribute to an album that will be a warm and much loved keepsake and heirloom for future generations.

 Album Registry creates a gift giving space, where family and friends can contribute to a truly meaningful gift, from anywhere around the world.

To view our wedding collections and our stunning Fine Art Wedding albums, contact us today to talk about your Sunshine Coast Wedding. We even travel nationally and internationally, we would love to talk and get to know your love story!


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