How long does a session last?

A session with Charlotte goes for an hour and is best planned for the hour before sunset. Longer sessions are available however we find that they are generally not needed unless there are more than 10 people in your group session.

We like to work quickly so that the session doesn’t drag on and on. Once we have what we need you can feel like the session has only just begun. Most of our clients make the comment after the session that it was nothing like they expected and how much fun they had!


What should I wear

That’s totally up to you – but here are some great tips:

1. Try to stay away from bold logos, text and trends that will come and go quickly. Big bold flower patterns or black and white stripes detract attention away from the subject – YOU! Soft, floral patterns that are smaller- mixed with blocks of soft colour- can be very flattering.

2.Matching white tops can look a little too clinical, if you want photos that are a bit more unique and bring out your individual personalities, then pops of colour are great! It also lends itself to our fun and loving, warm style.

A white shirt can be very flattering however, paired with some soft pastel colours or a statement piece of jewellery can really stand out beautifully.

3.Dress for location – A beach session can be a little more low-key lending itself to jeans and a flattering top in colours like blues, greens and pinks.Whereas a hinterland session is usually a chance to get a little more dressed up suggesting a more romantic theme, with earthy tones or soft pinks and pops of colour.

4. Professional hair and makeup is a great idea to treat yourself and it will make you feel extra special for your photo session as well, allowing you to really feel confident and happy for your photos.


When is the best time for a mummy to be or a newborn session?

34 weeks into your pregnancy is the perfect time to capture your beautiful baby belly! Those gorgeous curves will be just right and you’ll feel radiant!

If you would like a newborn session it is very important to do this within the first 2 weeks after birth. This is when your little one will be at their sleepiest and allow for some really cute photographs.

Don’t worry if you miss this stage though – the next best stage is between 6 – 9 months when they are beginning to sit up and are quite interactive!

If you book a maternity and newborn session at the same time, you will instantly receive $200 credit to spend on product at your viewing and ordering session.


Can I bring my pets?

Of course!!

Pets are a great addition to your session; after all they are part of your family! We love it when they are part of our client’s sessions.

Don’t feel bad if you think your pets may misbehave either – we have plenty of experience with pets of all shapes and sizes and know just how to keep them under control (although sometimes the best photos are when a little chaos is happening!)


What if I want something a little different for our session?

We LOVE it when our muses want something a little more from their session. We are more than happy to help with your vision weather it be an engagement, family or one of our Lottie and Twigg Children sessions we would love to help design something that will leave you with photographs that you will cherish forever and an experience that you will adore!

Personalising your session will make you love it even more and will certainly let people see your unique style and personality every time they see your gorgeous photos hanging in your home!


What is a "Lottie and Twigg" Session?

Lottie and Twigg is our newest edition to our photography brand and purely encompasses a whimsical approach to childhood and creating photographs that take your back to a beautiful place every time you look at them.

If you are wanting once in a lifetime photographs of your children that will make your heart melt and have your children talking about the whole experience for months later, you won’t want them to grow up before having one of these sessions!

A Lottie and Twigg session will be styled and themed to your child/childrens interests and things that they love. We have so many props that are available to use but you are more than welcome to bring your own and if you have any sentimental items it is even better!

Please note bookings for Lottie and Twigg sessions need to allow 1-2 months in advance.